Kip Window: A window with a hidden axis, the window wing is opened incline. Usually suitable for use in bathrooms, thanks to its great advantage to combining privacy, ventilation, and light. Opening the window does not expose the room and does not interfere with movement in the room. Dry Kip Window: The window is opened […]


אוסקורה - oskura

Belgian Doors: The Belgian profile can be divided into two categories: The “original” Belgian profile is made of galvanized iron and painted in the oven The Belgian profile is relatively narrow and thus increases the distribution and design possibilities between the sections. Belgium’s iron profile has some drawbacks compared to its aluminum counterpart: The profile […]

Folding Doors

דלתות אקורדיון

Particularly solid structure composed of modular elements made from aluminium profile bars with thermal break. The possibility of choosing the shape of profile bars between classic rounded and modern squared designs ensures that products can be totally personalized and adapted to suit the style and tastes of the home, always maintaining an attractive and original […]


דלת אקורדיון

There are 4 different types of shutters Roller shutters: Roller shutters are shutters where the slats are threaded at each other’s edge in a sort of hinge. Profiles for shutters are divided into two types of materials: 1. Profile made of PVC. 2. Aluminum profile, the aluminum profile is divided into two types: – Pull […]


אוסקורה - oskura

Vertically or horizontally closed shading system suitable for windows and doors, similar to water proof oskura, this system is also electrically controlled and allows control of sunlight and ventilation from hermetic closing to full opening. All system components are made of high quality corrosion-resistant materials. The movement of the boards is smooth thanks to unique […]

Oskura Waterproof

Oskura Waterproof bioclimatic pergola Oskura Waterproof is a fully-openable bioclimatic pergola that protects against rain and allows the intensity of natural light to be controlled, above all in summer. Oskura Waterproof is the only sunshade system fitted with swiveling slats that can be completely folded together electrically, allowing the intensity of sunlight and ventilation to […]

Permanent Roof

Permanent Roof  is designed for roofing sun rooms, living rooms, patios, garden terraces, swimming pools, cafes and restaurants. It protects fully against rain and thus allows more space to be used as an indoor area. If you are loking for more flexable closing you might want to check a Sliding Roof or a shading system […]

sliding roof

גג הזזה

Neshel aluminum is an importer of the sliding roof made by Italy with a 75% opening option and up to full opening, either electrically or manually. This exclusive solution allows the experience of “putting the landscape and nature” into the house. The system is built of aluminum profiles, beams and rain drainage system. All components […]