About Us

Who we are

Neshel Aluminium was founded in 1993 by Sharon Azaro, the company’s CEO for over 27 years.

The company began in Moshav Ora in Jerusalem and as it grew, it moved to a larger factory in the Mishor Adumim industrial area.

The company specializes in the aluminium industry, while constantly innovating and providing the leading products in the field with uncompromising quality, high precision and a high level of finish while providing a solution for complex and unconventional buildings, private homes, villas and public buildings.

Neshel Aluminium is one of the only few that imports innovative and advanced products from Italy in the field of sliding roofs, windows, doors with a special opening and more.

The company works with the best market-leading architects in a wide range of projects in the private and public sectors.

The company believes in providing service and personal treatment to the customer. Therefore, every client receives close accompaniment, guidance, advice and unparalleled warranty. Thus Neshel Aluminium is known for its high level of service and is known in the industry for quality, finish, aesthetics, providing creative solutions and professionalism over the years.