There are 4 different types of shutters

Roller shutters:

Roller shutters are shutters where the slats are threaded at each other’s edge in a sort of hinge.
Profiles for shutters are divided into two types of materials:
1. Profile made of PVC.
2. Aluminum profile, the aluminum profile is divided into two types:
– Pull profile.
– Foam profile filled with polyurethane.
The advantage of the aluminum profile over the PVC is that it is more durable, does not wear out,
Is not affected by weather hazards and does not crack and breaks.
When opening, the shutter slides into a shutter case located above the opening.
The roller shutter can be opened by pulling a shutter strap, by an electric motor or manually by Manuela.
The roller shutters can be obtained in a variety of sizes according to the customer’s needs.

Foam shutters:

Foam Shutter the shutter consists of an outer layer of an aluminum thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. Containing foam insulation material. Foam shutters are characterized by relatively lightweight and isolation.
The foam shutter is durable and stronger than a plastic shutter but is weaker than a pulled aluminum shutter.
The foam shutters can be obtained from developers up to 2.5 meters in a variety of colors.

Slats Shutters:

Slats shutters are plastic or aluminum shutters that rotate around a hinge
Allowing control and regulation of the amount of light and incoming air.
The slats can be combined with sliding wings and wings that open on a hinge axis.

Inner shades:

An inner shade is a shade installed between two glass panels.
The inner shade allows us to control the amount of light and heat passing through
From the outside into the inside structure. You can manually activate the internal shade
By a string or by an electric switch or a remote control.
The inner shade has several advantages such as:
Controls the shading level in several situations.
There is no need for cleaning.
Contributes to space design.
The shades can be obtained in a variety of colors and sizes.


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