Kip Window:

A window with a hidden axis, the window wing is opened incline.
Usually suitable for use in bathrooms, thanks to its great advantage to combining privacy, ventilation, and light.
Opening the window does not expose the room and does not interfere with movement in the room.

Dry Kip Window:

The window is opened in a leaning way or a full opening on an axis by a smart mechanism.
Today you can use visible axes or hidden hinges that allow for a clean appearance.
The side opening increment upgrades the options for using the window.
Dry Kip windows are easy to clean and excels in insulation and sealing.
Dry Kip windows are suitable for use in bedrooms, children’s rooms, and more.

Sliding Window:

The sliding window consists of two or more panels moving on a rails
and thus make full use of the rotating window area.

Opening Window:

A wing window opens to the side with the possibility of visible and concealed axes.

Lifting Window:

The lifting window moves vertically up and down in a rustic style with an opening option for cleaning.


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