Sliding Roof

Sliding Roof

Neshel aluminum is an importer of the sliding roof made by Italy with a 75% opening option and up to full opening, either electrically or manually.
This exclusive solution allows the experience of “putting the landscape and nature” into the house.
The system is built of aluminum profiles, beams and rain drainage system.
All components are manufactured exclusively and materials tested and selected specifically to ensure reliability and performance over time.

The magical roof is a sliding roof with a European CE standard that is stringent and prestigious.

Magical Roof is suitable for closing balconies, patio and complete sealing (room).
A perfect solution for exploitation throughout the year. especially for “Sukkot”.

Magical Roof provides a solution for winter closures for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, etc.

Profiles and rails:
The roof is made of aluminum profiles with only thermal insulation in Israel.

The roof is quickly built in the client’s home.
The roof can be built with unlimited width and a maximum depth of 6000mm.
Each engine unit controls two modules when each unit is separate and completely independent.
The roof panels can move electrically by an engine controlled by an electronic controller with the possibility of remote control or manually on demand.
The roof panels can contain glass for light or panel entry to seal against the light.
The panels can be glazed with a thickness os 8 – 22mm with regular or double glazing.
Double glazing consists of two glass with a total thickness of 22mm as follows:
glass safety 4+4mm with 0.52mm PVB and additional 5mm thick tempered glass with a 9mm gap between them.
Magical Roof is suitable for snow resistance.
The panel can be modified according to the requested load.
The roof manufacturing made in our factory in Mishor Adumim and short time lead.


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